How long do HD wigs last?

How long do HD wigs last?

It is a common concern for women majorly for those who are planning to buy wigs. It is obvious that every woman wants their wig to look natural and last longer. But this question, “how long do HD wigs last” is difficult to answer. Different wigs have different lifespans according to their quality, style, and material of construction. If you want your hd frontal wig to remain in the best condition for a longer period, below are some of the tips to follow that will make it easy for you.

How can you make a synthetic wig last longer?

Using a synthetic wig can give you the same vibe as a natural human hair wig would give. For that, you have to follow the wig care routine and practice that. Synthetic wigs generally require little effort for care. You don’t have to do a lot for synthetic wigs. Just a little bit of care can help in holding the shape of your synthetic wig. Follow these practices and make your wig last longer.

· Keep wig clean

In today's pollution, wigs can get dirtier over time. Also wearing a wig for an extended period of time need a wash to regain the original condition of the wig. You should wash your wig once after every two months. During washing take care of fibers pulling or stretching of fibers will damage the style of your wig.

· Use right products

Using non-wig-related products for washing your wig can damage your wig. Women make this mistake most occasionally and this results in reducing the lifespan of the wig. Always use special wig related products.

· Wig rotation

Using two wigs can help you save time on styling. You can make different styles of two wigs and can use them according to your mood and event. In this way, you don’t have to wash or restyle your wigs earlier.

How can you make an HD lace wig last longer?

An HD lace or human hair wig looks natural like your original hair, but it can damage with time if you will not take good care of it. A human hair wig is unable to get the oil and major vitamins from the scalp of your hair as compared to your natural hair roots. That’s why human hair wigs work differently. Some ways and methods are given below to help you in keeping your wig in excellent condition.

· Wash wig delicately

As human hair wigs or HD lace wigs are so delicate, they should be washed with proper care. Always follow the product washing instruction before washing your wigs.

· Styling appliances and products

When using the hair styling appliances and products like hair straighteners, blow dryers, and curlers, use them at low temperatures. Avoid the use of these near the roots of HD lace wig. A heat protection spray can also be used to style your hair it will help in reducing the effects of heat on your lovely HD lace wig.

· Style when damp

Style your wig while it’s damp. For example, getting a curly hairstyle with curlers when your hair is wet will give you heatless curls and will decrease the brittleness of your wig’s hair.