Common Pressure Washer Nozzle Problems And How To Resolve Them

Common Pressure Washer Nozzle Problems And How To Resolve Them

One of the greatest challenges pressure washer owners encounter is taking care of or maintaining the machines. This issue has deterred a lot of people from purchasing these machines. Some assume that they require expert knowledge to take care of their machines and ensure they last for a long time. However, caring for a pressure washer is not quite a complex process. You can use the internet to search for assistance. The trick is to understand the various components of the machine and their common problems. This way, you know how to troubleshoot and resolve them when they occur. This post focuses on pressure washer nozzle problems and their resolutions.

Pressure washer nozzle problems

Nozzle problems are the primary culprits for most pressure washer issues. Below are some of the most common issues with nozzles and how you can resolve them;

1. Corrosion

This is one of the biggest concerns about pressure washer nozzles. Power washer nozzle corrosion is a serious problem that may warrant repair and replacement of the element. Corrosion usually happens when water and metal react to form a corroded layer. However, with pressure washer nozzles, the water alone may not be a significant cause of the problem. The nozzles are typically designed from a water-resistant material that can combat corrosion. However, when detergents and soaps flow from the machine through the nozzle, they increase corrosion risks. The chemicals in the detergents break down the protective layer on the nozzle, making them susceptible to corrosion. This nozzle problem can significantly degrade the nozzle.

· The resolution

The resolution for this nozzle problem is to replace the nozzle with one that can withstand the chemicals from the machines.

2. Bearding

This is another common nozzle problem. It usually occurs when materials build up inside or around the nozzle. Additionally, it occurs due to the evaporation of hot liquid. The build-up, also known as caking, results in obstruction.

· The solution

You can resolve this issue by cleaning and clearing the nozzle before each use

3. Damages from heat

Heat damages are also common pressure washer problems. They are common with hot water pressure washers. It is worth mentioning that nozzles are designed for specific applications. For instance, the nozzles in hot water machines are not the same as those for cold water pressure washers. Using the wrong nozzle for a hot water pressure nozzle could result in heat-related damage.

The resolution

The only solution for this issue is getting the right nozzle depending on your pressure washer's design.

4. Accidental damages

Nozzle problems can also occur when the element falls by accident. The falls can cause breakages that result in reduced performance.

The solution

The only way to keep this from happening is through proper care.


Clogging and the wrong assembly can also cause pressure washer nozzles. However, some problems can also come from wear and tear. So, naturally, after using the product for a long time, it can result in problems. These issues can cause drops or unwarranted increases in spray pressure and changes in water flow rates.