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An Extensive Guide on How to Pressure Wash a Home’s Siding

by berlynn

The pressure washers are powerful cleaning tools with limitless applications. One of the many applications of pressure washers is cleaning various surfaces in a home. For instance, you can pressure wash the sidewalk, exterior walls, windows, and siding. This post looks at how to pressure wash a home’s siding.

What is siding?

Before discussing how to pressure wash a home’s siding, it would be wise to define it. A siding is any material that clads, shields, or covers a home’s interior walls. The purpose of the siding is to protect a residential structure and its contents from weather elements like rain, wind, and snow. It also helps maintain heat in the home during winter and keeps the house from getting too hot in summer. It can be made from various materials like vinyl, concrete, cement, or wood. Like other parts of a home, like the walls and sidewalk, the siding also requires washing. The pressure washer is the perfect tool for washing a home’s siding.

How to pressure wash a home’s siding

Below is a step by step guide for pressure washing a home’s siding;

Step 1: Gather the required materials

For pressure washing a home’s siding, you will need a machine with the right PSI. The amount of pressure required will depend on the siding material. For instance, a 1200 to 1500 PSI pressure washer would come in handy for aluminum or painted soft-grain wood. On the other hand, for stronger materials like brick, stone, and vinyl, a 2500-3000 PSI machine would be perfect.

Other than the PSI, it would be best if you also determined the right nozzle for the task. The surface and type of material will also determine your nozzle choice. For instance, a 25-30-degree nozzle would be ideal for a painted siding.

Other necessary materials for pressure washing a home’s siding are;

  • A detergent
  • Brush attachment
  • Protective gear like goggles and gumboots

Step 2: Clear the area

The second step is clearing the area. Ensure that there are no items in the area that could get damaged. Additionally, ensure that no pets, kids, or other people around the area could get injured as you pressure wash your home’s siding. Experts also recommend repairing any damaged areas on the siding before pressure washing. This will help prevent worsening the damages.

Step 3: Pressure washing

The next step is using your pressure washer to clean the siding. You will need to place the machine on a flat surface and ensure that you have enough support where you are standing before turning it off. While pressure washing your siding, ensure not to direct the water towards yourself or anyone and maintain a safe distance from the surface you are spraying. Do this until the surface is clean.


Before deciding to pressure wash your home’s siding, you should know that this could damage the material. However, this only happens if you do it wrongly or use the wrong amount of pressure for the task. Pressure washing your home’s siding will increase your house’s curb appeal and increase its value.

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