All You Need to Know About Headband Wigs

All You Need to Know About Headband Wigs

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to style your hair, a headband wig is a great choice. A headband wig is a wig where hair is attached to a headband that covers the front part of the head. Due to the headband material, the wig looks more natural than the lace wigs.

To wear these wigs, you don't need any glue or pins because it's just like wearing a headband. In headband wigs, the hair is attached with a band, unlike lace wigs, where hair is tied with mesh-like material that covers the whole head.

Usually, headband wigs are used in comparison and as an alternative to lace wigs; here, we will see how these wigs differ with the benefits of headband wigs!

Advantages of Headband Wigs

Away from the comparison of headband wigs with front lace wigs, there are some more advantages as well;

Long-lasting - Headband wigs are durable and can last several years with proper care and maintenance.

Comfortable - These wigs are lightweight and comfortable to wear, as the headband has no fitting issues.

Easy Maintenance – These wigs are easy to maintain with simple soap washing.

Affordable – These wigs are cheaper than other wigs as they are simple.

Easy to Wear - Headband wigs do not require specific settings like lace maintenance, adhesive, size, etc.

Disadvantages of Headband Wigs

Other than the fantastic advantages of these wigs, there are some limitations as well;

Less Versatility – Headband wigs are not as versatile as front lace wigs. These wigs do not come in many styles, and because of the headband, you cannot make many styles either.

No Customization - Headband wigs are not as customizable as front lace wigs for hairlines, styles, etc.

How Long Does the Headband Wig Last?

Headband wigs last for a long time with care and maintenance. As these wigs are easy to take care of, you can use them for 6months-1year or even more. The lifespan of these wigs also depends on their quality, so choose you're the right source to buy them. is reliable for high-quality and versatile wigs.

Are Headband Wigs Better than Front Lace Wigs?

Though lace wigs have their place in the market as they are among the most popular wigs, headband wigs also have their importance. There are many reasons you should pick the headband wigs over front lace wigs, some below!

  • Headband wigs are more affordable than front lace wigs because their making is pretty simple than the lace ones.
  • Headband wigs are easier to apply and maintain because there is no need to use glue, cut and set the lace, match the lace color with skin, etc.
  • Headband wigs are a good alternative for people with sensitive scalps because, unlike lace wigs, the band doesn't cover the whole head, which is comfortable and relaxed.

Are Headband Wigs Cheaper than Front Lace Wigs?

Yes! You will see a clear price difference between headbands and front lace wigs, which are cheap. You can buy a headband wig for around $100 and the lace front wig for about $150-$3000. Headband wigs are a good option if you want to try out a wig but don't want to spend a lot of money.


Choosing the right wig that matches your style and budget well is challenging. You might have heard and read a lot about front lace wigs, but here we described everything about headband wigs in detail. This article will help you make the right decision for your style.