Custom project – Full Hirata Tango 2A3 Push Pull amplifier

New custom tube amplifier project!

2A3 or 45 type tube mono blocks, 8W class A from a pair of RCA 2a3 or 4W from pair of 45 types.

Full Hirata TANGO iron package for best quality sound. Duelund capacitors, Allen Bradley resistors, Black Gates and Elna Silmic caps.

Gold plated copper chassis, wooden frames with natural lacquer, WBT terminals, anti vibration wood resonators, Klangfilm and Combak Harmonix wires for ground and signal.

Cathode feedback bias used due to unique feature of TANGO output transformers. High damping factor, low output impedance, high input impedance and truly breathtaking power from only 8 Watts!

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