Audio Illuminati Power Reference One – HighFidelity review – ENG version.

Audio Illuminati Power Reference One delivers more precise presentation of all recordings. It opens and disciplines them. It delivers a very nice treble, surprisingly delicate, yet rich in information. It has also a focused, well-differentiated bass. These two elements are above average, regardless of price. As a result of such a great presentation of both range extremes the midrange seems slightly hidden in their shade, because it is just OK. In this respect, the Japanese cables which it was compared to, leave a better impression. The soundstage is withdrawn behind the line connecting the speakers and the sound of instruments and voices are favored rather than their acoustic environment. The whole presentation is so clear, nice and enjoyable. A great debut of a new Polish company – both in terms of performance and build quality!

Wojciech Pacuła - HighFidelity.pl, HighFidelity.pl

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