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About Audio Illuminati

In Audio Illuminati, we combine the science and technology with the beauty of the nature to bring you something special. There are no limits in the way we make our products.

Our mission is to deliver state-of-the-art quality products for all the music lovers who appreciate life like, musical and colorful presentation for long and enjoyable listening sessions.

We want to share our knowledge and passion with a global audio community by offering TOP quality products with a MEDIUM price tag. Our primary focus are and will be – audio cables. Officially starting in January 2017 with Illuminati Power Reference One. We plan to launch complementary digital and analog interconnects as well as speaker cables in early 2018.


Audio Illuminati Test Equipment

There are many ways to achieve good sound reproduction, but there are very few that lead to ultimate pleasure and natural music flow.
In Illuminati we believe that amplification and loudspeaker solutions designed in the 30’s up to 80’s of the twentieth century were able to meet and exceed all expectations of any music lover. Times have changed however and the world is full of all possible type of equipment, this is the reason why every existing and future Audio Illuminati products will be developed to perform equally well on every type of equipment.



System nr. 1:
Loudspeakers: Destination Audio 3-way horn speakers
Amplification: Custom 2A3 SET amplifier with Permalloy core transformers and Western Electric tubes
Preamplifier: Custom 26 type tube preamplifier with Permalloy core transformers and NOS Cunningham tubes
Digital source: Custom belt driven CD transport based on CEC TL series
DAC: Custom AD1865 based DAC
Computer playback: Reference AUDIO PC source based on JPLAY playback software

System nr. 2:
Loudspeakers: Destination Audio 3-way horn speakers
Amplification: Destination Audio 45 type tube monoblocks
Preamplifier: Destination Audio 76 type tube based preamp
DAC: Destination Audio DAC
Digital source: Custom Apple MacMini

System nr. 3:
Loudspeakers: ProAc Response K6
Amplification: Ayon Epsilon Monoblocks
Preamplifier: Cary SLP-05
DAC: Ayon Stratos
CD Player: Accuphase DP700
Turntable: Transrotor Rondino
Phonostage: THÖRESS Phono Enhancer

System nr. 4:
Loudspeakers: Thiel CS 3.7
Amplification: Jadis 845NEC 40W Class A Monoblocks
Preamplifier: Jadis JP80MC